Reusable Protective Mask TypeIIR

With the introduction of Covid-19 disease into our lives, it is a product that we have produced to meet the necessity of using a mask, which was not needed in our life but now becomes mandatory. ProCare Mask is one of our products that provides you and your family the protection you need while at the same time ensuring you to be colorful, comfortable, sterile and sustainable.

Procare Mask Models

Full Protection
Very Crowded Environments
Why Choose Full Protection?

"Tam Koruma" ürün modelimiz; kişiyi mevsim, ortam veya mekan gözetmeksizin, en yüksek seviyede Corona virüs ve diğer tüm mikrobiyolojik partiküllere karşı koruma amacıyla tasarlanarak üretilmiş Antiviral Koruyucu Yüz Maskesi ürünümüzdür.

Full Protection Antiviral Mask Features;
  • Antiviral mask reinforced with special inner and outer two layers.
  • High mechanical strength.
  • An average of 0,5 micronmeter pore structure with increased particle filtration.
  • Designed for use in crowded and dense spaces.
  • High level of protection, empowered structure.
  • Antiviral and microbiological protection is provided with two layers of high dense patented technical textile fabric.
Summer and Hot Geographies
Why choose Comfort?

"Konfor" ürün modelimiz; yaz ayları boyunca sıcak ve nemli hava koşullarında kişilerin yüksek aktivite içinde olmasından kaynaklanan terleme ve yüzde hissedilen yüksek ısının engellemesi amacı ile tasarlanarak üretilmiş Antiviral Koruyucu Yüz Maskesi ürünümüzdür.

Comfort Antiviral Mask Features;
  • High dense single layer antiviral mask.
  • Good mechanical strength.
  • Particle filtration is made of an average of 2 micron meters pore, which is better then most of SMS surgical masks.
  • Designed for use in open and non-crowded areas especially during summer time.
  • Lightweight construction with a high level of comfort.
  • Antiviral and microbiological protection is provided with a single layer of high dense patented technical textile fabric.


Prevents Bad Odor






No Fog

How to Choose the Right Mask Size?

To measure properly, take a measuring tape, place it against your earlobe across your nose to the other earlobe.

That measurement will correspond with the size listed on table.

Baby size: (2 - 4) years old / Kids size: (5 - 14) years old / Adults size: XS / S / M / L

WARNING: For a standard man we recommend M size, for a standard woman we recommend S size.

Color Options

ProCare Mask Features



Baby Size: (2-4) years old
Kids Size: (5-14) years old
Adults Size: XS / S / M / L
Note: Standard Man size recommendation is “M”, Standard Woman size recommendation is “S” size.

Stretch-knit headbands

Specially produced for all sizes, flexible and enhance wearer comfort


Patented comfortable, lightweight, breathable fabric certified with world-class breathability tests.

Click here to view the test results.


The silver (active silver) content (ingredient) within the breathable fabric, prevents the odor by killing the bacteria in the mouth.


Water vapor discharge is provided by the moisture control technology used on the technology that provides the breathing. As a result, a dry and healthy mask experience without moisture is provided.


Anti-Viral Protection

Antiviral effect (viral reduction> 96,18%) as a result of active silver content and active ammonium silane coating placed in a patented knit fabric acting as a dense textured barrier.

Click here to view the test results.

Anti-Bacterial Protection

Thanks to the active ingredient on the fabric surface, it kills bacteria attached to the surface.
Antibacterial effect provides a decrease in the number of bacteria. > 99% Also, thanks to its special knitted fabric structure, it prevents the passage of bacteria during breathing.
Bacteria filtration efficiency> 99.9%

Click here to view the test results.

Microbial Cleaning

Apart from bacteria and viruses, it destroys microbials and harmful microorganisms with active protective silver and ammonium silane components in the product.
Microbial cleaning is provided.

Click here to view the test results.

Self-Disinfection Sanitation Technology

With contact to the light, the active elements and compounds such as silver and ammonium silane in the product provide self cleaning (sanitation).
It provides active disinfection all day long.

Repellency Against Liquids

Fluids that may come onto the mask are pushed to the surface and poured. In this way, it is ensured that fluids that may contain infectious or harmful content are kept away from the mask.
In addition, rain drops cannot penetrate the mask in open weather conditions. In this way, long and comfortable mask experience is provided in outdoor environments.


The patented knit structure that lets moisture out via micrometer pores

Re-use (Sustainability)


All content used in the production of the mask is designed to maintain all effectiveness after washing. The ProCare mask can be washed at 60°C, 30 times without losing any function in the machine and used after drying. Also, if hand washed with soap, the number of uses and efficiency increases to 99 washes.
Thanks to the self-cleaning technology of the mask, machine and hand washing is aimed at removing the dirt on the coating.


Reusable and washable masks can replace disposable masks with serious savings. Especially in business areas and school environments where the use of masks is mandatory, a 100% economical solution that provides both healthy and comfort is offered when preferred instead of continuous disposable masks.

Sustainability & Environmentally Friendly

Since disposable masks cannot be re-evaluated, they waste a lot of resources and cause environmental pollution. In addition, due to the danger of the virus, it must be burned and disposed. Therefore, substances and gases harmful to the environment and the atmosphere are released. The raw materials used in ProCare masks with reusable technology can be produced by consuming much less resources and offer an environmentally friendly solution instead of disposables. Thanks to the raw material content suitable for recycling, it can be recovered and protects the environment.



50 times magnified view

ProCare Mask
  • It can be used many times and can be stored safely.
  • It kills and destroys viruses and bacterias.
  • It never smells bad.
  • Available with range of sizes that ensures to fit the mask to your face.
  • It does not cause headaches nor pain in the ear.
  • It looks stylish and can be combined with your outfit.
  • It disinfects/sanitize itself. It is always clean.
  • It is fluid repellent, does not get wet.
  • It does not fog in glasses.
  • It can be washed even at 90 ° C.
  • It is economical and inexpensive. Because you only need to buy it once.

50 times magnified view

Surgical Mask
  • It is disposable. It is thrown away.
  • It collects viruses and bacterias and accumulates on its surface.
  • It smells bad.
  • It is attached to the face with a single measure.
  • It causes pain in the ear and cause headaches.
  • It offers a repulsive and depressing look.
  • It is cleanliness is relative and not guaranteed.
  • It absorbs liquids and gets wet.
  • Makes fogging in glasses.
  • It should never be washed.
  • Discarded every time, continuous supply is necessary.
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